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QUALITY ISO 9001:2015

AncoraThe certification (System of Quality) issued from  ICMQ SpA the Italian Institute of Certification accredited from ACCREDIA (Italian accreditation body) gives to the company the compliance of its organization and process ISO 9001:2015, certifying the reliability in the design, manufacture, development, production control for ductile iron manhole covers and other products from FONDERIE BELLI.

The certification and surveillance, of our products, issued by ICMQ SpA accredited by ACCREDIA (Italian Accreditation Body) fully guarantees the principles of construction, testing, markings and checking required by UNI EN 124-2: 2015, and it ensures maximum reliability in the manufacturing process.In order to guarantee the best quality, as well as our declaration of conformity, our products carry the mark ICMQ, which ensures the manufacturing process at every stage

  • Desing

  • Development

  • Analysis of material

  • Production

  • Quality control

  • Sale

  • Post-sale Technical support


Fonderie BELLI designs and realizes its products conform to all technical and European directives.
For the products:

  • EN 124-2:2015 GULLY TOPS AND MANHOLE TOPS FOR VEHICULAR AND PEDESTRIAN AREAS. Gully tops and manhole tops made of cast iron.

  • DIN 19580 SURFACE WATER DRAINAGE CHANNELS FOR TRAFFIC AREAS. Design Classification, marking, testing and inspection.

  • UNI EN 1433:2004. Drainage channels for pedestrian and traffic areas. Classification, design and testing, marking and evaluation of the conformity of the material.

For the material:

  • UNI EN 1560 FOUNDING. Designation system for cast iron.

  • UNI EN 1561 FOUNDING. Grey iron castings.

  • UNI EN 1563 FOUNDING. Spheroidal graphite iron castings.

  • UNI EN ISO945 CAST IRON. Designation of the microstructure of graphite.

  • EN10088-1 STAINLESS STEEL - PART I: List of stainless steel grades.

For the conditions of supply:

  • UNI EN 1559-1 FOUNDING. General technical delivery conditions.

  • UNI EN 1559-3 FOUNDING. Technical delivery conditions, additional requirements for iron castings. UNI ISO 2859-0