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All the production of Fonderie Belli srl is developed and improved through planning, calculations, technical drawings, load tests, issued from our Technical Department, an integrated and efficient internal structure, which follows all the production process, from the initial prototype to the certification of the final product. The competence of this department starts with the analysis of the customer's requestin order to satisfy it, consequently they use modern software, through which they make evaluations and simulations of the existent patterns and technologies of manufacturing and processing of the final product. At the end of this process, they provide diagrams, drawings and support for the installation of the same product. The Technical Department takes care of all the realization of the production as well as the final checking of the quality of the product, thanks to the quality control staff working at this, who, according to a standard procedure, check the compliance of the final product to what is stated by EN 124-2:2015, through documentary and dimensional checking and load tests, executed directly inside the laboratory.